Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase a SMM Canopy via our Authorised Dealer Network

Purchase a SMM Canopy via our Authorised Dealer Network

Please contact the Authorised dealer that sold you the SMM Product for an initial assessment of the problem. If it is a manufacturing defect and the product is within the warranty period, the dealer can submit a Warranty Claim application form.

We have a full range of colours available which are colour coded to manufacturers vehicle types.

The SMM Steel Canopy roof rails have a static load rating of 100kg on standard roof rails. A load rating of 150kgs is available with approved roof rack accessories. It is important to check that your vehicle specific load rating is within the manufacturer’s overall vehicle loading.

Yes, all of our Steel Canopy models have central locking.

The type of glass utilised in our range of Steel Canopies is “Toughened and Tinted Automotive Safety Glass”

The same steel typically used in vehicle manufacture (press Galvannealed 0.8mm steel shell and frame)

All SMM canopies come with a 3 year / 45,000 kms manufacturers warranty.*

* Please note: Certain components come with a 1 and 2 year warranty.

* Conditions apply. Please refer to the Sammitr Product Warranty document for further details.

Only Authorised SMM Dealers can install the SMM Steel Canopy.

Yes, all models except our V2 Tradesman unit.

Yes, all lighting is ADR compliant on V4 and V2 Executive models.

The canopy is designed and engineered to provide an excellent seal against dust ingress.

The SMM Canopy is designed to provide a good seal against water ingress, under normal driving and weather conditions.

The SMM Steel Canopy is manufactured at the Sammitr Head Office Manufacturing plant located in Thailand.

Yes. All models are equipped with internal lighting.

Yes, please refer to authorised dealer for more information on what options are available.

Yes, Sammitr recommends regular maintenance of your canopy at your Authorised Dealer where you purchased your SMM product. Check the Product Warranty policy for service intervals and detailed maintenance instructions. At a minimum, wash your vehicle and canopy on a regular basis to remove dirt and grime (do not use high-pressure washers to near to paint or seals) and check canopy clamps and bolts to ensure they are secure.